Digital Food Safety

Ensure compliance with standards for safe food storage, preparation and consumption with PENN® Connected Digital Food Safety solutions. Choose from a variety of modules to save time, reduce stock loss and protect your brand.

The PENN Connected Digital Food Safety system consists of:

  • software modules
  • mobile applications
  • state-of-the-art hardware


Comprehensive Operations Compliance

Streamline food safety compliance with our end-to-end solution, combining sensors, software and mobile apps to provide faster, easier reporting, reminders and notifications. Modules available to power food safety management processes now include: Delivery, Refrigeration, Food HACCP, Hot Hold, Cold Hold, Traceability, Cleaning Checklist, Scheduler, Manager Signoff

Increase Efficiency, Accuracy and Security

Make the best use of management and employee time. Reduce hours spent on taking temperatures, filling out paper records and conducting audits—and gain time to improve areas that will improve your bottom line.

Protect Your Brand

Reduce not only stock loss but also risks to consumer safety—minimizing litigation potential and claims pay outs. Free up more time for customer service, further strengthening relationships.

End-to-End Solution

Simplify data recording and reporting. PENN Connected unites a cloud platform, mobile app and connected sensors to bring you a complete system with anytime/anywhere access and notifications. Software is compatible with IoT sensors and third-party hardware. It can be used with your current equipment and is easy to install and commission.

Introducing the PENN Connected Digital Food Safety system—an easier way to keep food safe 24/7.

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View our recorded, on-demand webinars to learn more about PENN Connected solutions straight from the experts. Get an overview of PENN Connected Digital Food Safety in “PENN Connected: The Future of Smarter Food Safety is Digital,” or witness firsthand the increased operational efficiency in convenience stores and cafe chains during "PENN Connected: Next-Gen Food Safety Solutions for C-Stores & Cafes.”


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