Hitachi Horizontal Scroll Compressors

  • Single-speed horizontal scroll compressors, from 1/2 to 3 HP
  • Approved for use with R290 (propane), R448A/R449A and R404A
  • Low profile, high efficiency, reliable and, with low noise and vibration

Unmatched flexibility and proven reliability pairs perfectly with PENN® Solutions

Offered in partnership with Johnson Controls-Hitachi, our ZS and DS series horizontal scroll compressors are lightweight, low-profile and deliver a higher capacity and greater efficiency than reciprocating and rotary compressors.

The advanced design is suitable for self-contained refrigerated display cases and equipment, as well as low-profile remote condensing units, using fewer parts to increase reliability and reduce maintenance costs. It’s the perfect complement to Johnson Controls PENN® Commercial Refrigeration solutions.




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Features and Benefits

Flexibility Icon

Application Flexibility

The low-profile compact footprint and lightweight design allows for a more compact equipment machine compartment.
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Low sound level and low vibration

The innovative scroll compressor design generates lower dBA for a more pleasant environment. Lower compression torque and discharge pulse minimizes cabinet vibration and pulsations, reducing the potential for damage to piping and other system components.
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High reliability and superior quality

The high-side pressure design eliminates the need for a thrust bearing and tip seals, reducing friction and improving alignment of the scroll set. This results in reduced wear plus improved oil circulation rates and the elimination of oil foaming.

High Efficiency Icon

High efficiency thanks to advanced technology

The unique high-side pressure design with direct suction delivers less compression losses and improved volumetric efficiency.
Innovation Icon


Hitachi is known for pioneering the world’s first scroll compressor. Today, Hitachi continues the tradition of innovation with this latest release of horizontal scroll compressors.
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Refrigerant compatibility

Available for use with environmentally friendly, low GWP refrigerants such as R290 (propane) and R448A/R449A, as well as HFC refrigerant R404A.


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