Available Software and Control Firmware

Download the latest Software programs and Digital controls’ firmware to ensure that your PENN controls are operating at peak performance.

Product Models Version Date Download
A525AEDN Wall Mount Refrigeration and Defrost Controller Firmware V1.7.0.951 May 2020 Download
A525AETR Fermentation Tank Controller Firmware V1.5.0.64 11/13/2019 Download
MR534AFDV | MR534AFDN Panel Mount Case Controller Firmware V2.0.0.210 11/13/2019 Download
System 450™ Modular Digital Electronic Controls - Flash Drive Firmware V1.3 July 2020 Download
System 450™ Configuration Software for Windows V1.3 July 2020 Download

If you have any questions about updating the software for your PENN products or would like to stay informed about new updates, send a message to your friendly, experienced PENN team.