Connected Refrigeration

Monitor all your refrigeration equipment across locations to ensure efficient, reliable operation. PENN Connected Refrigeration solutions automate temperature inspection and reporting to reduce stock loss, minimize energy use, alert you to potential issues and extend equipment life.


See how PENN Connected is structured to bring IoT efficiencies to refrigeration monitoring.

Streamlined HACCP Reporting

Structure your reports to comply with HACCP requirements and other needs. Automated reporting reduces the time and labor required for temperature monitoring. You have access to a fully verifiable, paperless activity log for every unit.

Easy, Secure

Our platform connects with IoT sensors for secure data collection and equipment monitoring. The system is calibrated and certified to local standards, ensuring data is accurate and compliant with applicable regulations.

Remote Simplicity

The Connected Refrigeration platform remotely monitors your equipment, analyzing data and making adjustments to enhance efficiency enterprise-wide. You gain 24-hour coverage, and your service companies can log in remotely during non-working hours to check refrigeration equipment.

Longer Asset Life

Predictive maintenance empowers you to identify potential equipment issues early and minimize serious breakdowns. Reduce stock loss and extend equipment life.

Real-Time Data, Real Savings

Protect food and equipment in real time—and get the data you need to enhance equipment performance and drive business efficiencies.

Alarm Management

Receive direct alerts via SMS, email, or automated phone call to support continuous food and equipment safety. Enable remote data access to ensure prompt action. Build in predictive maintenance to extend equipment life.

Learn More About PENN Connected

Explore solutions for streamlining compliance with Digital Food Safety. And review big-picture benefits with the PENN Connected Overview.

Always Up to Date
PENN operates on a subscription model and constantly advances our solution to meet market needs. Your system is always up to date—and offers intuitive ease, with minimal training required. See how PENN helps improve your refrigeration equipment.