PENN Controlling Whats Cool for Over a Century

PENN control products infuse 100 years of expertise into refrigeration equipment, delivering precise temperature, pressure and flow technology.

A525 Controller

See Johnson Controls product manager demonstrate the new PENN® A525 Series electronic refrigeration controller with adaptive defrost designed for simple, plug-and-play connectivity with Verasys® controls.

A421 Electronic Temperature Control with Off-Cycle Defrost

Manage cooling, defrost, alarms, communications and costs with the A421 refrigeration controller. It offers a wide range of options that allow for customized control functions. A scrolling display provides walk-through instructions for each step of the setup process, using plain language.

VFD68 Drive

The PENN Variable Frequency Drives (VFD68) provide smart, compact, and energy savings solution in a variety of HVACR applications. The simple user interface offers quick application setup and operation. The compact design provides three-phase motor speed control for more efficient operation.

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