Electronic and Modular Controls

C450CCU Digital Electronic Controller

The C450CCU is a highly accurate digital controller for walk-in coolers and freezers, and for large refrigerated display cases. An application-specific component of PENN's System 450™, it combines temperature, defrost and fan control, making it an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to electromechanical controls. In addition, the C450CCU can be used in conjunction with System 450™ power and expansion modules to build a variety of custom commercial refrigeration control solutions.


System 450™

System 450 is a family of modular, digital electronic controls, easy to assemble and set up for reliable temperature, pressure, and humidity control for a wide variety of HVAC/R, commercial process, and industrial process applications. Create application-specific systems to control temperature, pressure, humidity, or all three at once, with only a small suite of models. The System 450 can be used in a wide variety of applications, including boilers, greenhouses, refrigeration racks and condenser fan applications. See the C450 Series and P499 Series for an example of the versatility of control applications.


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