100 Years of Leadership
and Refrigeration Expertise

PENN® has an outstanding worldwide reputation for quality and innovation in refrigeration controls. But that didn’t just happen overnight. It’s been a century in the making, starting with our industrious namesakes, the Penns.

Where we've been

Ralph and Albert Penn
Ralph and Albert Penn, brothers from Delphi, IN, co-founded the Penn Electric Machine Company in Des Moines, IA. Its first product was the innovative Type S pressure switch, which Albert had developed to automatically operate electric motor driven water pumps.
Penn Electric Machine Company
The Penn Electric Machine Company, having made a number of innovations already, was awarded its first patent, for a quick-acting switch mechanism invented by Albert Penn.
Penn 1968
Recognizing a 50-year legacy of innovation, the Johnson Service Company acquired PENN Controls, Inc., expanding its manufacturing capabilities and international business.
Penn 1986
PENN Controls introduced its first electronic modular temperature control, the System 350, a product still manufactured today.

Where we are


PENN Controls celebrates its 100th year of providing excellence in refrigeration controls. And we have plenty to celebrate. The spirit of innovation that inspired Ralph and Albert Penn to found their company still lives on 100 years later in our product offerings. They include:

A525 Series electronic refrigeration controllers with adaptive defrost.


MR5, a versatile, multifunction, programmable temperature control.


Where we’re going

Where we are going

We’re not only looking back at PENN’s 100 year history. We’re looking forward to embarking on our next century of innovation in controls, with the momentum of our expertise to propel us. In fact, we are already beginning to expand into other applications beyond commercial refrigeration and HVAC.

Opportunities are available for PENN to bring precision controls to restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores and the beverage industry. For example, PENN products are ideal for the brewing industry, where temperature and humidity control are essential to the fermentation process. And that’s just the beginning. With another 100 years ahead of us, the sky’s the limit for PENN Controls.

How we’re celebrating

We’ll be celebrating our last century and looking forward to our next all year long. Fill out the form below to get updates on all the festivities from your PENN Controls representative.

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